The blog is authored by the founders of Ultra, a tech company based in the bumping district of Gangnam, Seoul. We launched Ultra Lab to share our observations with others who seek to build, emulate, or invest in the ideas and companies that drive the Korean tech market.

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Ultra was formed by a handful of Computer Science students from Seoul National University, a former Bain & Co. consultant, and a Harvard grad from Texas.

Our products focus on teens in Asia. Teens are a distinct user-segment with clear contrasts from older generations. Their lifestyle, desires, and even language is markedly different from peers just years away in college. However, many of their pain-points remain unresolved since businesses tend to overlook teens or  choose to focus on education over lifestyle. As a team of young people with a proven track record of success, we believe we’re best suited to serve teen users in Asia.

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Among many potential topics, we currently focus on the major issue of: How do I look? Visual appearance is such an important topic to teens that a recent survey in Korea showed improving one’s appearance to be the #1 wish of the year for teens–ahead of academic achievement. We believe we can build mobile services that address these kinds of topics in a fun and positive manner.

Our app YourFriends is the answer to the need of “I want to feel attractive”. And Dieter is the answer to the need of “I want to stay fit” (Read more on our products here).

We’re backed by Kakao Corp., the leading mobile platform in Korea, and by Chester Roh, a well-known angel investor in Korea.