5Rocks and the Growing Demand for Actionable Analytics

Most anyone running a blog or Facebook Page realizes the importance of having a solid analytics backend to track visitor discovery and activity. This capability is a universal need for anyone running an online service, and existing analytics solutions can be integrated with a single string of code or come pre-loaded within ...Read More

What is a Hackathon like?

What is a hackathon like? Is it fun? Is it worth the time? How should you prepare? These are all questions we had before our first hackathon, and here’s what we learned. Hoseong and I (Ultra Co.) happened to be in the Bay Area for a company fundraising and exposure trip that coincided ...Read More

Ultra in Silicon Valley

Ultra will be in the Bay Area until Dec. 6th for Startup Nomad, a discovery and exposure program for Korean tech companies. We’d love to meet with anyone interested in the Asian tech scene or in our company during our stay at the Plug & Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA. We’ll ...Read More

Why Google Should Probably Invest in Webtoons

Web comics, referred to as webtoons, are enormously popular in Korea. As Chang Kim of 500 Startups explains, more than 10 million Koreans read webtoons every day. That’s one-third of the nation’s daily internet users consuming a rather specific form of media. In Korea, webtoons are even more popular than Facebook with ...Read More

Afreeca TV’s Unique Gifting Business Model

Afreeca TV is a peer-to-peer, real-time broadcasting service in Korea. Performers, referred to as Broadcast Jockeys, perform or chat with their viewers during live video shows. While Afreeca TV also retransmits local Korean TV, such as baseball, the focus of this post will be on the gift economy surrounding its user-generated content. ...Read More

What is KakaoTalk’s Business Model?

(Disclosure: Kakao Corp. is an investor in our company, Ultra. This post does not include any confidential information). KakaoTalk is Korea’s leading messaging service with over 100 million users. Launched in 2010, the mobile app has completely swept the Korean market. To fully understand KakaoTalk’s dominance within Korean culture, consider these three ...Read More

Why is Mobile Gaming so Popular in Korea?

Mobile gaming is expected to generate $1.4B in Korea this year, and mobile games like Anipang have become a cultural phenomena within the country. It’s as common to see older women in their 60′s playing games in the subway as it is to see younger children playing games at the bus stop. What makes Korea ...Read More

A Macro View of the Korean Mobile Industry

Smartphone Penetration - Korea is 1st or 2nd (depending on the research institution) in smartphone penetration. In 2012, Strategy Analytics reported Korea as 1st with a 67.6% penetration rate followed by Norway, Japan, and the US. In 2013, Statista reported Korea as 2nd with a 73% penetration rate trailing just behind the United Arab Emirates at 73.8%. ...Read More